Nothing matches a Beam's cleaning power. Except perhaps its ingenuity. We've designed our attachments so you can use that incredible power to clean everywhere. Carpet. Rugs. Hardwoods. Tile. Stone. Stairs. Vents. Fans. Nooks. Crannies. Hard to reach. Hard to see. Up high. Down under. And everywhere in between. If dirt can hide there, Beam can get there. For a total house clean.

Expandable Hose - Eight-Foot non-electric hose stretches to 32 feet. Ideal for use in garage and basement. Quilted Hose Sock - Quilted hose sock has hidden zippers that allow for easy installation, while at the same time keeping the zipper from contacting the walls, floors, and furniture.
Pet Grooming Brush - Use a pet grooming brush to detangle and smooth out the fur without pulling or irritating skin. Mini Blind Cleaning Tool - Quickly, conveniently dust and clean mini-blinds.
Shutter Blind Cleaning Tool - Quickly and conveniently dust and clean with the Plantation Shutter Blind attachment's soft bristles. Ceiling Fan Kit - Cleaning those hard-to-reach ceiling fans can be done quickly without lifting a heavy vacuum or standing on a chair.
Dust Mop - Add this dust mop attachment to your central vac to make cleaning hard-floor surfaces a breeze. Remove mop head for easy machine laundering. Car Care Kit - Kit for cleaning your car. Includes 30' hose, upholstery brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and hose hanger.
@Hand Power Brush - The first motor-powered stair and upholstery turbine cleaning tool that rotates 180° for vertical surface cleaning. Remove deep down dirt and pet hair with the 180°. VacPan - The VacPan allows you to just sweep debris into the inlet mouth and dirt is whisked away. Contemporary styling leaves no gaps when not in use.
Wally Flex - An innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuum systems that allows you to quickly clean small messes without having to pull out your entire vacuum hose. DrawerVac - Add a vacuum under your counter tops. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, and work shops.
Hide-A-Hose - Hide-A-Hose solves the problem of carrying and storing a vacuum hose. Simply pull out the amount of hose you need and begin vacuuming. When finished, the suction from the power unit retracts the hose back into the wall. Mini-Vac Attachment Kit - Clean computer keyboards, auto air vents and other small, inaccessible areas.
Bare Floor Brush - For cleaning hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile and stone. 14" wide and has wheels for easy mobility. Premier Tool Kit - This five tool set includes floor tool, upholstery brush, crystal brush, dusting brush, and crevice tool, each engineered with features and bristles designed for specific cleaning applications complete with LED lights...