Commercial Doors

Bug Screen

Summer's heat can often drive you to open your loading dock doors, just to keep employees comfortable and working. But open doors can cause problems like birds, rodents, animals and insects getting inside. If you need a cost effective way to add security, cooling, and ventilation to your facility - try Bug Screen doors.


Impact Traffic doors are also referred to as non-motorized swing doors, double-acting doors, industrial doors, solid core doors and bump doors. These doors suit many different markets, including supermarket, retail, restaurant, industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, institutional and postal.

Car Wash

Polycarbonate sectional door systems are an excellent choice for car wash applications and are terrific for use in wet and corrosive conditions. They have tough, translucent door panels that promote a level of comfort for customers. Constructed with an aluminum frame, these products are strong, corrosion resistant and durable.

High Speed

German Engineered, American Made
It is our pleasure to welcome you to our website. With 25 production facilities, more than 80 sales locations and over 6,000 employees worldwide, Hörmann is truly the world leader in doors, including industrial, high performance, high speed doors with designs for countless industries. We are committed to providing the best quality, value, and selection of German engineered and American made products. Whether industrial or commercial, we have the high speed door you're looking for. The Hörmann Flexon product line gives you the ability to accommodate any roll up door application with the right product from one manufacturer.

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