Beam Central Vacuums

Imagine that you could have a dirt-free home - and a stress-free life. Imagine that you could remove indoor allergens, how much healthier the air would be. Imagine that you could easily get to dust wherever it hides. With a new generation of Beam Central Vacuum Systems, you no longer need to imagine. With up to five times more power than uprights a Beam can remove 100% of contacted dirt and dust. And that's why in a Beam home, everything's clean.

Clopay Residential Doors

Transform your home’s exterior and dramatically enhance its curb appeal with Clopay®. Rarely will you find this combination of function and fashion when searching for a residential garage door. Whether your vision calls for authentic carriage house, contemporary, or traditional styles, Clopay® carries a garage door that will help you execute your vision for your home’s exterior.

Sawmill Creek Residential Doors

Sawmill Creek believes that homes are enhanced by the rich luxury of genuine wood products. That's why they offer beautiful wood garage doors in hundreds of designs. Choose from an impressive selection of window patterns, trim options, and classic styles that truly allow you to create a unique statement with your home.

Citadel Floor Finishing System

Thanks to recent advances in coatings and application techniques, our concrete floor finishing system is now able to provide beautiful coatings that can be applied year-round to almost any concrete floor. We offer a full line of polyurea coatings, crack, and joint fill services. Compared to Epoxies and Urethanes, Citadel Floor Finishing System has far superior durability and performance characteristics.

Impact Doors

Impact Traffic doors are also referred to as non-motorized swing doors, double-acting doors, industrial doors, solid core doors and bump doors. These doors suit many different markets, including supermarket, retail, restaurant, industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, institutional and postal.

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers provide a path between your loading dock floor and a truck trailer. The loading dock leveler is critical to the efficiency of your shipping & receiving operations.

Dock Seals

Dock seals form a tight seal between truck/trailer and building. The most efficient way to reduce loss of heating/cooling and keeping out weather.

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are used when vehicles of varying heights are employed. The shelter forms a seal between the building and vehicle, thereby reducing the heat or cold loss through an open doorway.

Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers provide protection against vehicle damage to docks, buildings and cargo.

Truck Restraints

Truck restraints are a key part of an integrated loading dock safety system. Used as a stand alone safety product or in conjunction with combination control panels, truck restraints lock trailers into position at the loading dock. Truck restraints prevent several dangerous and potentially tragic dock-area occurrences from happening. Two of these occurrences are early driver departure and trailer creep.