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Tough and Shatterproof

Illuminator Polycarbonate Doors from Ultimate Products employ the same material used for vandal-proofing stained glass windows and bulletproof screens. When struck, panels flex without breaking or shattering. Teamed with Ultimate Products' Air Powered Door Operator, the Illuminator doors operate quickly for complete weather protection and noise abatement.

Anti-Rust Package

  • Triple Wall Polycarbonate Sections
  • Aluminum Shaft & Brackets
  • HDPE Hinges
  • Ultimate Rollers

Rust Proof Hardware

Ultimate Roller

Ultimate Hinge
  • Shoulder Prevents Door from Hitting Track
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • No Bearings to Grease or Rust
  • Roller is HDPE - Will Not Rust or Freeze
  • Surrounds Roller Stems with Bearing Material
  • Smooth Quiet Operation
  • Molded for Increased Strength
  • No Metal to Metal Moving Parts

UltraBelt System

Ultimate Bearings
  • Aluminum Spool Replaces Door Drum
  • Kevlar Reinforced Belt Replaces Door Cable
  • Easy to Install
  • Belt is Guaranteed Not to Stretch or Come Off Spool
  • UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) Material - Withstands Extereme Temperatures and Wet, Corrosive Environments
  • Will Not Rust
  • Fits All Standard Brackets

Counterweight System

  • Aluminum Spool with Kevlar Reinforced Polyurethane Belt
  • Stackable Weights
  • Material Will Not Rust - Virtually Indestructible

Optional Ultimate Air Powered Operator

Model - ULT
  • Permanently lubricated oil free system requires no automatic oiler
  • Top cap features:
    • Larger cap prevents air leaks by not allowing rods to break seals
    • Bolt design allows for quick and easy field removal
    • Wiper seal prevents water and debris from entering top cap
  • Bottom Cap Features
    • No breather vent or check ball
    • Metering screw positioned on top of air flow valve
Control Box
  • Emergency open/close DC6000 Model allows door to be opened and closed without power present
  • Durable features:
    • Polycarbonate enclosure / 3-4 times stronger than fiberglass
    • UL approved
    • Box and button NEMA 4 rated

Other Options

Regenerative Air Dryer
  • Protects to -40° Fahrenheit
  • Twin tower construction - drying and regenerating simultaneously
  • By-pass shut-off valve allows for maintenance with compressor running
  • Timer with memory chip - reduces compressor run time
  • 50% more desiccant than other dryers - more drying protection
  • Ceramic valve increases life of seals and prevents contaminant blockages
Self Diagnostic Safety Eyes
  • Electric safety eyes instantly reverses a closing door when beam of eye is broken
  • Amplifier is equipped with self diagnostic feature for accurate field analysis
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