Dock Seals

Dock seals form a tight seal between truck/trailer and building. The most efficient way to reduce loss of heating/cooling and keeping out weather.

Fixed Head

Fixed head dock seals are best suited for a door opening that is 8' wide X 8' high / 8' wide X 9' high which services trucks/trailers of approximately the same size. Once dock seal is compressed, a gasket seal is formed between the rear of the truck/trailer and the building.

Curtain Head

Curtain head dock seals are fixed head dock seals with a curtain that covers the top of the seal. This covers deflects weather elements from entering building.

Adjustable Head

An adjustable dock seal is an effective solution for dock doors which service trucks/trailers of varying heights. After the truck/trailer compresses the side pads, simply lower the adjustable header to the truck/trailer top, to form a three-sided seal around the rear of the trailer.

Combo Fixed Head/Shelter

Combo fixed head dock seal with shelter combines the seal of a fixed head dock seal with the protection of a dock shelter. Allows full access to rear of trailer.

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