Impact Traffic doors are also referred to as non-motorized swing doors, double-acting doors, industrial doors, solid core doors and bump doors. These doors suit many different markets, including supermarket, retail, restaurant, industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, institutional and postal.

Ultra 25 Impact Door

Thanks to RubbAir’s new Ultra-25 door, you can comply with the Fed’s strict new energy conservation requirements for cooler door applications without giving up the convenience and efficiency of a free-swinging traffic door, or the reliable attractive design of a proven RubbAir product.

Quantum Impact Door

Quantum's attractive, rotationally molded polyethylene panels and corrosion resistant hardware ensure minimal upkeep and maximum performance. Monolithic door panels resist moisture, chemicals, dust, bending and torque. The Quantum features a 50% greater shell thickness than competitive models. The shell thickens towards the spine and leading edges to maintain strength and resist fatigue from cart or lift truck impacts. A steel tube strengthens and stabilizes the spine edge, plus the entire door is injected with urethane foam to add rigidity and dampen noise.

Poly-Kor Impact Door

The most versatile traffic door on the market today, the Poly-Kor has been proven in a variety of applications. With its attractive appearance and many decor options, the Poly-Kor is well suited for most commercial applications. Ideal for use in supermarkets, retail and food processing sites. USDA approved wash-down compatible materials suit meat packing applications too.

Poly-Kor XHD Impact Door

Take the attractive, versatile Poly-Kor door and add bigger vision panels, 42" bumpers and structural aluminum sub-frame... that's the Poly-Kor XHD. The XHD model replaces the rubber sub-frame with a continuously welded aluminum structure. Even in wider openings up to 10', the door's dimensional stability and durability are maintained.

Standard Model Impact Door

The Standard Model door has indeed become "the standard" for all traffic doors. Innovative construction with rubber I-beams bonded to flexible vinyl facings ensures flexibility at impact and the "memory" to return to its original shape. The flexible Standard Model traffic door is the perfect choice for high-use applications in food processing, wash-down areas, manufacturing, cold storage, distribution and many other industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Ultra-Lite Impact Door

The Ultra-Lite double acting traffic doors provide an extra measure of durability and efficiency in supermarkets, restaurants and other commercial installations. It's unique construction process allows the facings to be secured to the structural sub-frame without the use of any adhesive or mechanical fasteners. The resulting composite door-body is ideal for virtually any environment.

TL-250 Impact Doors

The TL-250 double-acting door is specially designed for retail and food service applications where an attractive, durable and affordable traffic door is needed. It is ideal for use in restaurants, supermarkets, and retail stores between stock rooms and the sales areas. The TL-250 solid ABS door body is impervious to moisture, food stains and common chemicals. Drips, spills and smears simply wipe off, leaving a clean restored surface.

Elite Impact Door

In restaurants or retail sites with high frequency personnel and cart traffic, the Elite delivers the perfect performance/budget solution. The door features 1/8" ABS panels sonically welded to a durable 1" extruded PVC frame. Insulated construction, replaceable gaskets and colored facings look great in supermarket, restaurant and other medium-duty retail sites.

Slen-Dor Impact Door

Construction of the Slen-Dor consists of 1/8" ABS bonded to a 1/2" thick solid door-body. EZ Hang hardware is standard. Designed for cart and personnel traffic, it can be equipped with a variety of different facings including ABS, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic laminate.

Flap-R Impact Door

The Flap-R Door consists of two layers of 22 oz. flexible fabric-reinforced vinyl attached together to create a composite door-body. Top-mounted gravity-action hardware and the absence of a lower bearing allow the use of the full width of the opening.
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